Andy Yun

Andy S. Yun

Associate Attorney

I became an attorney because I wanted to help people. I want to serve my community, and I want to build lasting, meaningful relationships with my clients.

I pride myself in helping people create legacies for their loved ones. We want to leave our loved ones in good hands after we are gone. As the father of two beautiful little girls, I do everything I can to provide for their care and well-being, to teach them to find happiness in life, and to prepare them for life as adults. While I hope my daughters never need to grow up without me or my wife, I can create a plan for my family that gives me the peace of mind of knowing that I have done everything I could to make sure that they have as much support and guidance from us as possible.


I understand that other people feel the same way, and I strive to treat others how I want to be treated.


As an attorney, I always listen to my clients and help them design an estate plan that addresses their specific desires because no two estate plans are the same. My desire is to ensure that my clients appreciate the value of carefully crafted estate plans that will address their needs and concerns.



Andy is a graduate of Duke University and the Wake Forest University School of Law. A proud Southern California native, Andy was admitted to the State Bar of California in 2011. He was also admitted to practice in the Central District of California by the United States District Court in 2012.


Prior to joining Acorn Law, he founded the Law Offices of Andy S. Yun, where he has helped hundreds of clients create lasting legacies for their loved ones.


Andy is a member of Wealth Counsel, the Orange County Bar Association, and the Orange County Korean American Bar Association. He proudly serves as the Treasurer of the Jefferson Elementary School PTA in Anaheim. He currently serves as a Director of the Orange County Korean American Bar Association. In his spare time, he enjoys sports, photography, camping, fly fishing, and traveling with his family.

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