Clients Share Their Testimonials

Our attorneys have helped many families through proper legal planning. Read their stories below.

“I want to thank Marc Mackenzie of Acorn Law who helped me in putting together my “Living Trust”. This is something I have been putting off for many years. I feel good inside knowing something so important has been taken care of. I am so glad I went to Acorn Law to have this done. Debra Castillo has been so much help also. People don’t realize how important such documents can be in a time of death with a family. I would highly recommend Marc at Acorn Law to take care of such needs. Thank you again!”

– Cindy D.

“We appreciate your help in updating all our documents; family Trust, Wills, Power of Attorney’s and Advance Health Care Directives. So many laws have changed over the years and we needed to be current. The information you provided was explained in a language that was easy to comprehend, which helped in determining our present goals for us and our family. We now have our documents in one very handsome binder on our library shelf to reach in a moment’s notice when needed. “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”. Without hesitation, we would recommend you and your staff to help others complete their documents.”

– Melton and Janice B.

“I cannot say enough about my wonderful experience with your firm. Marc was always so helpful and would go to extremes to explain things to me if I didn’t understand. He would always answer my emails promptly and follow up on the tasks that I was assigned to take care of. Marc discussed different options with me and worked out a plan that gives me so much peace of mind for the future of my heirs. He has offered to make himself available to talk with my children if they need to understand the trust as well. He is very professional and very likable. You and Marc and your entire staff were so warm and friendly when I would come into the office. I have already mentioned your firm to friends of mine and I am so happy that I went to his free seminar that I saw advertised on Facebook. It was something I had been putting off doing, and I realized that I really needed to get this done and so happy that I did. I still have a few things I need to complete and probably will have a few more questions before it is all over with, but I know that he is available to speak to me whenever needed.”

– Cindy B.

“Before we retained Acorn Law P.C., and Marc Mackenzie to handle our “Estate Planning”, I contacted the Better Business Bureau to check on his business practice. I was informed that he had an “A” rating and had no complaints against his practice. Upon meeting Marc, we felt instantly comfortable with him. He explained the steps to be taken to set up our “Estate Plan”. At the second meeting, he designed our plan and explained very clearly to us the paperwork he would have us sign. At our third meeting, we signed all documents and he presented us with a large binder containing all the documents and told us to feel free to call him if we had any questions. We felt very confident that we made the right choice in choosing Acorn Law P.C. and Marc Mackenzie to draw up our Estate Plan.”

– Ted and Nancy C.

“My husband and I can’t say enough wonderful things about Marc Mackenzie at Acorn Law. Mr. Mackenzie worked with us to update our living trust and assisted us in putting in place a care plan for my husband, who is paralyzed, ventilator-dependent, and requires 24-hour care. Mr. Mackenzie is not only a professional, knowledgeable, skilled, and thorough attorney, but also a caring and compassionate partner. He even met with us in our home because he knew it would be complicated to transport my husband to his office. He took the time to ensure that we understood all of the legal provisions in the trust documents and agreed with his approach. He then incorporated into our legal documents provisions that addressed all of our needs. We now have peace of mind that our affairs are in good order and that my husband will be well taken care of should he survive me. We are grateful to Marc Mackenzie and strongly recommend him for all estate planning and elder law matters.”

– Cheryl and Ismail T.

“Marc Mackenzie initially got our attention because he was so knowledgeable and thorough about estate law. I am myself a (retired) attorney, and Marc is the first attorney I’ve trusted well enough to go through with completing our estate plan. Additionally, Marc was patient (I had a lot of questions and changes) and considerate. It also meant a lot to me that Marc graduated from a quality, well-respected nationwide law school and not an unaccredited school that unfortunately too many California attorneys attend. Finally, Acorn Law’s services were affordable, especially when considering the great expenses that one might have with California probate. Acorn Law is the only professional service that I have ranked a perfect score for because I always feel like there is room for improvement. But I can’t think of anything that I would improve upon here. Well done!”

– Elizabeth H.

“Very satisfied with your service and very kind people.”

– Carol E.